creative politics 2019

  spiritchild, freedom singer & hip hop pedagogue from New York
                     is back in Europe
                  touring legacies : creative politics
              2 november till 7 december
                       from performances, dj sets,
                            creative workshops a.k.a "hip hop shops",
                                         masterclasses & lectures
                        (e.g. critical revolutionairy hip hop pedagogy)
                                         to community organizing
      (e.g. beyond beats & bars project awareded with Queen Mathilde price)
                           Want to work together? Contact to build.


  spiritchild, vrijheidszanger en hip hop pedagoog uit New York
                     is terug in Europa
                  touring legacies : creative politics
              2 november tot 7 december
                      ... van performances, dj sets,
                              creatieve workshops a.k.a "hip hop shops",
                       masterclasses & lezingen a.k.a. "knowledge shops"
                         (o.a. kritische revolutionaire hip hop pedagogie),
                            tot community organizing a.k.a "think shops"
                          (bv. bekroond beyond beats & bars project) ...
                                Wil je samenwerken? Contacteer ons.


beyond beats & bars europe 2018


Europe 5'7 the colour of our sound tour - spiritchild

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BBC presents Dean Haspiel's The Red Hook!

Barbes, 376 9th St, Brooklyn, NY

The Bushwick Book Club is thrilled to present new songs and one new dance inspired by Dean Haspiel's new graphic novel, The Red Hook. The author will be present and will be signing books (which can be purchased at the show) as well as giving a slideshow/performance. About Dean: Emmy and Ringo award winner Dean Haspiel created Billy Dogma, and The Red Hook. He illustrated for HBO's "Bored To Death," is a Yaddo fellow, a playwright, and helped pioneer personal webcomics. Dino has written, drawn and collaborated on many superheroes and literary graphic novels (including THE QUITTER with Harvey Pekar, and THE ALCOHOLIC with Jonathan Ames) for DC/Vertigo, Marvel, Archie, IDW, Dark Horse, Heavy Metal, and LINE Webtoons.Performances by:Charlie NielandJessie KilgussSusan HwangSouel Spiritchild Fénix (spiritchild)Teresa ToroTerry RadiganErnesto GomezAnna StefanicJeffrey BurandtSean Von Gorman Bushwick Book Club Dance Team! (Susan, Jessie, Dawn Kang & Nicola Yvette Hughes)And a slide show performance by Dean and tba


Free(dom) party XVI Xspiritmental Maroons Indigenous BLACK

westbury inn, 673 Flatbush Avenue, brooklyn, New York XSPIRITMENTAL MAROONS INDIGENOUS BLACK free(dom) dance party XVI (every third black friday)fri, July 20 10pm tillwith Not Silent (an international artist movement repping Palestine) Dirar Kalashfeaturing soul selector spirit Souel Spiritchild Fénix Spiritchild spiritchild updates & eventsstaying consistent, cause the world isn't.this summer we'll be teaming with Not Silent to bring awareness for our maroon brothers and sisters in Palestine as well as on Rikers island. we work hard, we party hard. we revolutionize, we socialize. we actualize, we realize. we nurture, we freak shit up. we culture, we funk it up. chill out, wild out, be free. dance to witches & warlocks brew, sonic black magic for palestinefor liberation for our people at Rikers(bring headphones, iPods, gadgets and magic for the youth)Urban Art Beata new black arts movementwe are raising funds for funds & equipment & special guest artist for Rikers, our international hip hop community featuring the The cipher and continuous work with the youth, so drink and party for a cause, never just cause but for a just cause.beyond beats & bars has officially begun our hip hop youth re entry allowing us to have a mobile studio to work with youth from rikers and beyond. currently partnering with Friends of the Island Academy, inquire for details to bring your youth.this month we are also honoring and acknowledging Palestine. Not Silent aim to form a global community of concerned artists and organizers who are able and willing to take a stand and hold these events as a means for action that challenges the current cultural discourses and methods, as well as the notions of ‘solidarity’ itself. Palestinians do not ‘need’ a stand to help them get along with their fate, but rather we should be responsible for making a real change, not simply from the position of being ‘informed’ on the issue, but from an active position that challenges our media and cultural discourses in which Palestinians are – at best – only being viewed as victims of acts of “misconduct” by the Zionist occupation, and where our knowledge and perception of the Palestinian issue becomes subject to “counting victims” and getting angry or frustrated from one massacre to the next. We know this is going to happen, but we do not want to think of Palestine only when this happens, thus we need to speak out and take a much more solid stand, not only for the victims, but for the living as urbanartbeat.organewblackartsmovement.comspiritchild & Fred Ho founders of a new black arts movement. #queer #freak #guiltypleasure #taboo #funk #hiphop#dancehall #afrobeat #worldtraveling #notsilent #palestine  


black gold blue gold pre listening album session

casa del souel y ría, 172 hamilton avenue, staten island, New York


Assata's b'earthday 71618 we release...

new album pre listening session and video screenings.

pre album listening session/party

intimate feedback

soul shares


on Monday 71618 marks the 71st b'earthday of Assata Shakur and our oldest souel-fénix 3rd revolution around the sun.

join us as we bring in celebrations of new creations birthed.


Spiritchild presents videos directed by Olad Aden and Rae Maxwell for the new black gold blue gold album as well as a full album listening session for feedback before official release (the people shall be the A&R's)


Nejma Nefertiti presents Mask Off Remix video premier screening directed by Lebanese Ether.


souel-fénix presents cake, cake, cake.


join us for this intimate, communal, revolutionary affair and be a part of legacies born.


hosted & directed by Rosa Bettina

a new black arts movement

Urban Art Beat








first of our xspiritmental island nights series


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