The science and politics of Hip Hop

The science and politics of Hip Hop


‘Join the movement, seduced with this universal kinetic swift movement, infused with intelligence, souls in development.’ - ‘Hip Hop Locked’, Event Horizon, Mental Notes



Hip Hop is the beat of change that constantly changes its beat. Hip Hop is the voice of the struggle. Hip Hop is the rhythm of persistence and never stagnant.  It is the universal language that speaks to youth, especially oppressed nationality youth. By going back to the roots of Hip Hop and refreshing its herstory/history, we can comprehend its relevance in the present and tap into its power for the future. As emcee’s, musicians, “activists”, social workers, revolutionaries, citizens and human beings we need to overstand Hip Hop culture in order to truly connect to each other in the multicultural and multigenerational world we live in. In this workshop we crack the code of how people and youth in particular respond to society by answering the following questions: 


What is Hip Hop culture?


What are the elements of Hip Hop?


What has been the role of art & Hip Hop in social struggles?


How can Hip Hop be utilized as a transformative tool for social change?


How can Hip Hop facilitate personal growth, self- awareness and community accountability? 


This workshop is for the emcee, musician and activist who wants to grasp the herstory/history of Hip Hop, take up responsibility and have an impact with her/his music. It’s for the educator, (music) teacher, music therapist, social worker, and parent who wants to overstand why the streets and the cypher can be more engaging and informative than the classroom, the meeting or the dinner table and wants to utilize the connecting and transformative power of art and Hip Hop. 



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