The criminalization and oppression of our youth

The criminalization and oppression of our youth

‘I is your I. When you fight, I fight, you die, I die. I is your I, when you live to live, live to live. Rise.’ 

- ‘I is your I (Assata)’, Through Sips of Love & Hallucinations, Mental Notes

Textbooks and lectures only go so far, especially when we are talking about social change. To make social change happen we need to be connected to our communities, learn from the grassroots movements, study their trial and errors, setbacks and victories. Learn from movements of our streets, in our countries, on our globe. To make social change happen we need to be aware of the limitless and invisible links in between the industries and the weight they put on the shoulders of our youth, nationally and internationally. In this workshop we move beyond the illusion of borders and independence and acknowledge the reality of interdependence and intertwined struggles. We exchange and reveal connections between US, European and other international struggles by diving into the following topics:


What is Hip Hop culture?

What is the prison industrial complex and what are the connections between the prison system and the military?

How is policing in our communities a form of repression and oppression?

What does resistance look like in the US?

What does prefiguring a new society look like?

What is solidarity and why is it important for countries to be in solidarity with each other?


This workshop is for the world citizen who wants to have a clear understanding of the struggles in the US, wants to connect the dots and is open to hear the buzzing call for social change. It is for the activist who wants to learn from lived lessons and vivid experience to take vigorous actions. 



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