The art of words – sound – power

The art of words – sound – power 

‘I could write till the ink stops to flow from my pen and still write within the memories of our being.’ - ‘Repatriation’, Eclipse of Hope, spiritchild


Creating a song is about embracing the opportunity to say something that has never been said before, both lyrically and musically. As songwriters we need to ask the song what story it wants to tell by eliminating the distraction, which is the human brain, from the equation. Songwriting is about channeling the conversation and higher purpose of a song, transcending the preconceived ideas of structure, allowing the music to elevate the words and vice versa. From Hip Hop to Reggae, from Pop to RnB, spiritchild has written songs that speak to the heart for over 25 years. In this workshop he will unravel the herstory/history and art of songwriting, how to overcome the myths of writer’s block, how to write anywhere anytime and derive inspiration from nature, from chaos, from our surroundings by addressing the following topics:


What is the origin of song? 

Where do great songs come from?

Why should your song have meaning?

How can your song tell a true story? 

What is your song worth both for the industry and philosophically?


For the songwriter who wants to make meaningful songs, realize and actualize the hidden or non-spoken value of her/his songs and overstand her/his worth towards creating a new society or civilization as creators and visionaries. 



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