The art of nurturing your creativity and sustainability

The art of nurturing your creativity and sustainability

‘Resist, organize, rebel, feel the fire, react, prepare to ride, retell, write them rhymes.’ 

-  ‘We acid’, Electric Cinnamon, spiritchild & Creatize Maze


We wait for the moment of recognition by the industry. An industry that when we become part of it, labels us, limits us, puts us in a box, while we lose touch with the people. Don’t wait for the industry to give you permission to do what you love. Don’t wait for a stage, create the stage. Be autonomous and fulfill your role as an artist, which is not about being above the people, but about being with and among the people. This allows you to continuously grow and improve, to push the envelope of 4/4 timing or a square painting. It invites you to find out what people care about, to develop the scientific part of your brain that makes your art relevant, relatable, accessible and valuable. This workshop will maximize your capacity to do what you love abundantly and without restraints by guiding you through the following questions: 


How can you nurture your artistic identity?

How do you develop a holistic approach to your art form (share your art, talk about your art and teach your art)? 

Why is it important as an artist on a grassroots level to speak about and practice  authenticity?

How do you build a base of support?

How do you maximize your capacity to have impact with your art while staying true to your values? 


This workshop is for the artist (visual artist, musician, performer, actor, poet, …), educator, professional who wants to be autonomous and create art and work on her/his own terms. Art and work that matters, shakes, stirs and transforms. 



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