Dj/soul selecting performances 

spiritchild (dj sss) deejays/soul selects emotions. dj sss channels the mood, taps into the collective consciousness and evokes the feelings you desire. By redefining genres and expectations of what you are conditioned to hear, turning you on to new artists, new sounds and new waves. dj sss introduces and remixes vibrations that resonate with the soul. From Funk, Hip Hop to the rhythms of South Africa, from Reggae to Eastern European Balkan sounds, from Afro Beat to ambient Lounge Music. spiritchild takes you on a musical world trip that stimulates you and everyone in the space to let go of inhibitions, dance like no one is watching and express yourself in complete freedom.

spiritchild is the kind of dj any host would want at their event. Sexy, savvy, and sensual he is an excellent crowd reader and knows how to employ his vast knowledge of world music to fit whatever mood or genre the crowd is feeling. He has deejayed a number of Urban Art Beat events and often impresses even the most veteran dj in the lineup with his keen sense of timing and fit. What I appreciate most about his deejaying, especially for the Hip Hop loving crowd we cater to, is that he mixes current radio hits with eclectic, revolutionary and underground music from all genres in a way that keeps the dance floor bumping,  offends no womyn or groups of oppressed nationality and drops science all while raising the roof!”

Rosaleen Knoepfel

Founder & Executive DirectorUrban Art Beat, New York