join us this Saturday September 10th

if you are unable to physical join us, please donate a VIP ticket or two or three for Urban Art Beat's to work with our youth in Rikers 




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Come dance party build celebrate with us!!


beyond beats through bars is the launch of a new phase of pedagogy for Urban Art Beat.

it is a process dedicated to the personal development of our youth within the criminal injustice system. 
through critical revolutionary hip hop pedagogy we tap into expression, experimentation and example. 
creativity is our key to dialogue as we unlock the possibilities of poetic progress. 

$10 gets you in, $15 gets you a keg cup! Completely affordable bar available as well! Volunteers needed! Work the door, clean a little, or sling some drinks for a shift and get in for free! 

Did we mention the DJs?! We have some powerhouse talent and players!! Rabbi Darkside! Raydar Ellis! Spiritchild! And More!! The dance floor will be off the hook! Perfect place to dance your way into the new school year! 

We're here to serve the youth and that costs money! We live and love Hiphop and serve through our Critical Revolutionary Hiphop Pedagogy, so what better way to raise funds than a good old fashioned house party?! 

Now- most importantly- why raise funds? Like, what SPECIFICALLY will your donations be going towards? I'm glad you asked! 

This year is bringing some exciting new possibilities. In addition to finishing up funding for our completely free, dinner included, intensive Summer Camp for Social Justice in which the youth have a week to write, practice, and perform a song about the important topic or community issue of their choice, we're looking ahead. 

Urban Art Beat has been invited to provide programming for incarcerated youth at Rikers Island. One of the most notorious jails in a country full of notorious jails is giving us an opportunity to serve. Fervent opponents of the School to Prison Pipeline, we want to get in there and empower! We want youth in the system to know its not the end for them and that there are opportunities and power to be found in their own voices! 

But we need your help. Riker's certainly ain't paying for it. We need to cover costs associated with this program. 

So come! Dance! Imbibe! Support! And let's party while we raise enough to serve at Rikers in addition to the schools, after school programs, and community organizations where we already serve!


Athena September 09, 2016 @08:53 pm
Thats awesome. I love your cause. I might swing through and show some Jersey love!
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