the colour of ideology

it is more evolved to discuss the colour of your ideology than the colour of your skin. throughout your lifetimes, it is unrealistic to know or even believe what you were then in relation to who you have become to appear now. i can admire your pigmentation, your melanin and respect your lack thereof. for my eyes (all three of them), the evolution of your soul is of more significance. so let us evolve through a maroon ideology to determine whether the colour of your skin is relevant towards prefiguring a new society. i've seen many shades of black in my current lifetime and a generation before (El Hajj Malik El Shabazz to Barack Hussein Obama and many in between and beyond). rhetorics do not impress me. are you on the side of pachamama kahèsëna hàki mother earth (all living and non living beings) and humanity? this is a colour i can assess. 
from a revolutionary matriarchy black indigenous maroon
A New Black Arts Movement

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