thank you pedagoddesses and pedagods

peace and unconditional revolutionary love

give thanks to our community of pedagoddesses and pedagods. it is due to you, who make it happen everyday. the reason we exist, create and prefigure a new society. the reason we study, construct and decolonize ourselves, the mind, the body then our surroundings and loved ones. the purpose. the reason we love. give thanks for your presence, vibrations and intention for last night's partyraiser to get our critical revolutionary hip hop pedagogy to Rikers for this fall. without you, we are a minute short of soon. with you, we are sustainably maroon. the list would include many, all and those not on this book of faces. however in these past few weeks, i've witness your miracles of power to influence books and legacies to be ;). from the south bronx to south africa our visions crosses continents, eliminates the illusions of borders and connects souls. keep lighting your candles, keep sparking your flames. the likes and thank you's are in the work you do, no need for response. it is with utmost respect peace and unconditional revolutionary love we greet you from cyberspaces to your hearts, minds and souls most intimate spaces. that is more important. that you feel where we are coming from and what we are saying to you in the now and beyond. #criticalrevolutionaryhiphoppedagogy #anewblackartsmovement#urbanartbeat Urban Art Beat A New Black Arts Movement
Norma Lynch Rosa Bettina Mayteana Morales Rae Maxwell Raydar Ellis Sam Sellers Illspokinn James Phaseone Yeah Mikal Lee Libby Mislan 
Dorien De Vidts Nejma Shea Signe Harriday Ziedah Diata Monique Scott Lisa Podell Lauren Kelly Benson Napoleon Da Legend Karim Bourhane Vitamin Da Governor Nelson Chiefsixnine Seda Latonica Readdy Ti Knoepfel Ren AnReKae Medina Fabian Farbeon Saucedo Ben Barson Quincy Saul Maya Azucena Gus Gauntlett Chelsea Gregory Jake Rich Dramatic Dyalekt Pamela Capalad Kushner Hannah Immerman Johanna De Los Santos Kee-Jay SwiftSwiss Chris Charlotte Hill O'Neal Tomas Vanderbeke Olad Aden Joe Bliese Ras Benard Benzima Woria Zulu Mc M'Afrika Anele Le Space Rachida Aziz

Danette Chavis Kilusan Bautista Lisa Russell Jessica Habie Jessica-Patrice Dorsey Coulter Norma Lynch Mariella Ella Ella David Nudelman Kathie Cheng Nicholas Heyward Ashley Lauren Hamilton Kahlil Khan David Garcia-Rosen Dequi Kioni-sadiki Oja Soundtwista Yogi GuyCatalina Gibb Rukia Lumumba Luke Nephew Peace Poet PeAbraham Velazquez Jr. Frank Antonio López Luke Aidger Patterson Shalau Baban Joschi Fabian Chantal Yancey Daniel Majesty Sanchez Zahemah Browne Benu Ma'atJana Lynne Umipig Julien A. Terrell Kêêgom May Manuela Picq Taleigh Bicicleta Ivanka Mariposa Čonková Anna Oravcova Metoděj Constantine Terry Lewis


 Susan Hwang Fred Ho Amiri Baraka Heather DayHeather Day Chcmc Dorothy Lee Augustina Warton Jake Lefco Miky HustlesPrince Akeem Young Michael Rebel Diaz Hasan Salaam Cspinfilms Chris Gman Iz Balleto Moira Meltzer-Cohen Marisol Maddox Brooke ReynoldsChristian Ver Halen Walidah Imarisha Rosa Clemente

apparently we know too many good people for just one go of a tag. ;) we love you all, in all you do and that you are in everything you bring. keep shinning your being of light.

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