Stories of Struggle last night Black Panthers & Young Lords at John Jay report

yesterday was a most powerful gathering, discussion and vibration. 

much love to the students of John Jay College for hosting, Ken you lit the path to dialogue. 

honor and respect to Cleo Silvers (former Black Panther and Young Lord) along with Carlito Rovira (former Young Lord) for sharing their stories, strategies, difficulties and revolutionary love.  thank you to our youth who asked challenging questions and demanded answers for today while listening and learning from yesterday. 

a reminder to all you students of John Jay, throughout CUNY and through out the usa. if you are stuck as to what to do next, one suggestion is to make women and men like Cleo & Carlito honorary professors so that they could have a continuing presence in these higher learning institutions that they and many others have fought so hard for us to find a place in.  

see you in the streets tomorrow to stop the cops assemble 1pm on 138th & 3rd Avenue BX near the 6 train stop.  Unity March. 

happy b'earthday to the high priestess of soul, the one and only Nina Simone. rest in power El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz. Art & Revolution. remember so as not to forget.

peace love unity work and having fun

palante siempre, all power to the people, through the people and for the people. 

spiritchild                                                                                                                                                                             UZN Chapter 9 Secretary




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