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thank you for your continuing and growing support.  our summer has been beyond revolutionary with the birth our young souel (thank you to all who contributed to our "it takes a village to raise a child", because of you we had a successful and joyful home birth supported and surrounded by comrades and family), conducting trainings on Critical Revolutionary Hip Hop Pedagogy for the revolutionary mentors and teaching artist of our formation Urban Art Beat, soul sessions tributing Black August and revolutionary legends at our casa del sou(e)l, the birth of our international project lead by Dorien De Vidts entitled The "c.i.p.h.e.r" (community international progressing hip hop evolutions and revolutions) throughout the Netherlands, Belgium & Germany phase 1..., setting off more youth work with new sites spreading love the critical revolutionary hip hop way ;). 

the c.i.p.h.e.r imagethe c.i.p.h.e.rbelow is better articulated by the revolutionary matriarch, executive director of Urban Art Beat, visionary, commandante de mi corazon Ms K, Rosa Bettina.

see you all tomorrow for our commUniversity.

visit our updated store page at for new revolutionary books & cds

visit our tour page at to book a workshop/performance/dj/sound session

email me at spirit@urbanartbeat if you are a teacher/principal/parent who wants us to do revolutionary hip hop arts programming at your school with world renown and the most talented mentors in the NYC area.

.) stay light stay creative
(. spiritchild 

freedom singer

a new black arts movement 
VP Universal Zulu Nation Bk Noble Chapter 9 
Join us community, as we kick off the fall semester with renewed energy to transform our communities through our art!
Our mentors are ready for an incredible school year! 

August Professional Development
Critical Revolutionary
Hip Hop Pedagogy
Check out Rae's Photos here!


Much has changed since our last newsletter! Our teaching artist team is growing, both in numbers and in their Critical Revolutionary Hip Hop Pedagogy! We have new school sites that are excited to engage all of the elements of Hip Hop to enact change in their communities, AND even the name of our home base changed from Casa del Soul to Casa del Sou(e)l thanks to the incredible birth of one very influential lil' bambino.

(Photo credit
We will also be highlighting a youth each month! To kick it off we would like to back track to July and August and highlight two young people that really went above and beyond to use their art and their talent to shine light on social justice issues that effect our communities daily. We call them Artivists. 
June's rising leader is Tayanha Walcott. Tayanha a.k.a. The Hippie Philosopher, was in 7th grade, already a brilliant writer, singer, activist and performer, when she began coming to UAB workshops. Tayahna is consistently one of the youngest and most articulate emcees on any stage. She even records her own music.
July's "artivist' is Mike aka Polite. We were first wowed by Polite's passion, talent and content at last summer's Hip Hop Summer Camp, focusing on Gun Violence and Police Brutality. Just one year later he is transforming from participant to mentor! To end the summer, Polite also recruited his cousin to join our Professional Development, embodying the idea that we are a movement that grows stronger as we work together! 
This past summer they both were out "in the streets" performing in multiple locations. They represented at SOS's Anti-Gun Violence block party, their annual "Kingston Ave Festival", they performed at a new black arts movement's Youth Social Justice Expo and rocked a large (soaked) stage in Von King Park for the Peace thru Performance Festival. As a rising organizer, Polite was the main point of contact, handling all the logistics for UAB's performance at this event! The set he lined up was on point, energy and content wise, "You say you want to stop the violence? Then do something!" He is a man of his word.

Join Us in our Upcoming Events !
This fall we continue to engage, challenge and celebrate our youth, our educators, our teaching artists and greater community. COME to ONE, COME to ALL! Always family friendly.

1. This Sunday: a new black arts movement* presents"
Youth Leaders vs. The School to Prison Pipeline



Your voice is needed!


Sunday, Sept 20th 

3:30-4 Youth Open Mic 

4-6 pm

Casa del Sou(e)l

724 Empire Blvd, Brooklyn NY 11213 



Are you interested in education that focuses on change? Are you interested in disrupting the school to prison pipeline? Come listen to youth who are living it and organizations who are doing something about it! At this CommUniversity youth will speak on their experiences in revolutionary education settings. There will also be a panel discussion on developing youth leadership to combat the school to prison pipeline and other challenges facing young people

Panelists Include: Cory Greene: Co-Founder of How Our Lives Link Altogether! (H.O.L.L.A!) and formerly incarcerated community organizer, Stephanie Damon-Moore (,) Kimberly Adams (Educator and Activist), Rukia Lumumba (CCA, CASES),Youth from Freebrook Academy, MXGM's African Scouts, AND MORE!

* a new black arts movement is a formation made up of multiple organizations and revolutionaries dedicated to pre-figuring a new society. UAB is proud to be one of those dedicated organizations.

2. Tips on the Business of Being a Teaching Artist
Following Sunday's CommUniversity ...
Sunday 9/20 6:30-8p.m.
724 Empire Blvd. 

Build with Gustav Gauntlett about organizing your teaching artist FUN(d$).  From contracts, to invoices, taxes, and all that fun stuff that keeps us able to do the mentoring and womentoring we love to do.  This workshop is also a space to share our past, present, and future relationships with money and how we can best utilize this relationship to focus on the actions and people we love. 


3. And of course our we continue with our...

All Ages Open Mic Workshop

Thurs Sept 24th

Dixon Place Theater

161 Chrystie NY NY



Special guests from Australia's Music Industry College! Youth will be encouraged to share a piece they have been working on and give feedback to others as we foster in the next generation of mentors. Our September focus continues with Education and Youth Leadership and The School to Prison Pipeline.

These Open Mics are monthly! Join us Oct 15thand every third Thursday this fall! 


4. October's SOUL SESSION is
"Powerpaloosa- Celebrating our Power in The Fight for Freedom
Organized by the youth of A New Black Arts Movement

Sunday, October 18th 

4-6 pm

Casa del Sou(e)l

724 Empire Blvd, Brooklyn NY 11213 
Followed by a celebratory dance party Djed by spiritchild, Nzinga and Kai!

THANK YOU!! We are able to host these amazing events thanks to the continuous support of our community through donated funds, resources and hours of volunteer time! KEEP US GOING. If you can't make it to our events, please donate through our new and improved website! (Thanks Parul for the website)

Thanks to all of you for helping us transform our lives and the lives of the youth we reach!  


Your donations through NYFA are also tax deductible! The time is now! 



Our Open Mics support the critical mentorship of our youth! 

Dixon Place ! 
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