Revolutionary Black August Greetings

revolutionary black august greetings

as we enter and remember not to forget another black august (please download the zip file below for more info on Black August).

what is black august, in brief -its a time of honoring and acknowledging liberation movements.

black liberation, from the great nile valley civilizations, to the slave trade, to rebellions to struggle to freedom.  resistance to oppressive states and governments.  civil rights to black power to attica prison riots to pelican bay prison hunger strikes. 

the discipline to exercise the body and mind.  fasting from sun up to sun down.  being calm, studying re-reading george jackson, assata, malcolm and many more.  breathing, enjoying and loving community. 

yesterday was day one of black august.  usually is the most difficult for me.  i was comforted with playing a concert at LIFE shelter with Mental Notes for the art start program.  there is nothing more rejuvenating than playing in front of a crowd of little ones.  we sang, we hip hop'ed, we rocked.  thank you all for that.

i'll be including some links as i did in the years past on black august and info packets from MXGM that i still use today as a guide.  as i always say, if you can't do the fast, try and give something up as a symbol of remembrance, solidarity goes a long way ;)>

keep the movement in motion.



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