new black arts movement presents next event Aug 24th National Black theater

yes yes, you've been wondering. how is a movement in motion? what is a Maroon? whats this i hear about a new black arts movement? SSS? when did august become black? all of your questions, concerns and desires will be answered Aug 24th at the national black theater 7pm. for my pittsburgh crew we'll be there the night before aug 23rd. 
i have advance tickets to save you a few dollars. because we love you and understand the importance of this event. 

the first 5 to purchase tickets today I will personally get you a CD from our catalogue visit to see the albums available. 
the next 5 will receive a 2 free album download. 
from or 
the next 10 will receive a 1 album download from above.
the following 20 will receive a free album download 

inbox me and i'll show you how to get ticket today along with the special gift. this goes for my people outside of NYC as well. your ticket will sponsor someone and you'll still get the gift. win, win.

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