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peace and unconditional revolutionary love


thank you for continuing this journey of a new black arts movement with us.  below goes for all mediums channeled by the higher force energy.  see you throughout the universe more specifically join us this weekend for the seeds of change conference, or next weekend to Minnesota at the Resistance and Rebellion conference, a soul session perhaps lead by our youth of a new black arts movement, or back to Europe for another roots rhythm and revolution tour producing youth exchanges through The c.i.p.h.e.r.

allow music to create you

I tour and create to spread messages of another way. ways beyond industry boxes and packaged pattern thoughts conceived and constructed by manipulated media in the form of "music". what is sold to you as music is nothing more music than produced monsanto organic foods being "food". music is food. food for the soul. what is given reproduces assembly lines manufactured regurgitation resembling factory model education brought to you boxed and delivered by Prussia.

I'm not here to only fight the industry. that would be suicide. an energy battling a force such as the prison military industrial complex. I would lose before entering the battle field. I chose not to only fight, instead continue to build and create this other way, still willing and prepared to defend beyond any means necessary to all means essential. the intrinsic nature and value of such a force cannot be simplified and defined by the limitations of vocabulary to perpetuate isms and games of war.

this is force. I've seen the power of what the usage of "100%" of our brains can do. I'm not impressed. I challenge myself and others to tap into a spiritual force with our creations that knows not the language of science and exceeds any scale of measure fathomed by our analysis.
do not attempt to create music. instead allow the energy to paint you a picture of the moment that foretells yet a significant glimpse of our salvation and conversation with a necessary and essential power.

with peace and unconditional revolutionary love

 sept 30th

Oct 9-11th

peace, honored to provide sonic vibrations and revolutionary sounds to this conference weekend Oct9-11. building upon our eco-socialist/mother earth centeredness, one of our most regarded tenants of a new black arts movement.
if you are interested in attending please inbox me. 
The live-streamed food justice portion of the conference Seeds of Change: Cultivating the Commons | October 9-11, 2015 will be available online from Oct. 11- Nov. 11, 2015. This will feature a panel discussion and speakers including: Vandana Shiva, Ken Greene, Tasha Bowens Blair, Will Allen, Jalal Akbar Sabur, Winona LaDuke Honor the Earth, Robert Backus. Music bySpiritchild and Decora Poet‪#‎OCSL‬ ‪#‎seedingchange‬ ‪#‎foodjustice‬ A New Black Arts Movement Movement in Motion UZN Chapter 9- Noble 9 Zuluz‪#‎anewblackartsmovement‬ Marisol Maddox Soul Squad Information Board‪#‎soulsquad‬

Oct 17

Resistance and Rebellion is a day-long international convening exploring the role of art in revolution.

 The convening will bring together contemporary artists, activists, critics, and writers to discuss the application of art and culture and their effects on movements for liberation. Looking at the future of resistance through the lens of history from rebellions to Black Lives Matter to uprisings in the streets, the convening will create a space for discovery and collaboration.

Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs - Cowles Auditorium 
301 19th Ave S 
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Saturday, October 17, 2015 from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (CDT)

spiritchild will be on a panel representing a new black arts movement discussing the work.

Oct 18th 

A new black arts movement presents powerpalooza: A celebration of freedom! Join us for music, dance, art and much more. There will be food and drinks. This soul session is family friendly and youth led.
Oct. 18th
At Casa de Sou(e)l
724 Empire Blvd
$5 Suggested Donation, $10 includes a plate of food.
Youth are free.
This Soul Session will end in a dance party!

Oct 27 - Nov 17 roots rhythm and revolution European Tour part II

Locations and dates of the tour: European Tour 2015 pt.2 : 28th of October - 15th of November 2015 :

28/10/2015 – 1/11/2015: Belgium

2/11/2015 – 7/11/2015: Germany - Berlin - The c.i.p.h.e.r. (international Hip Hop project)

8/11/2015 – 15/11/2015: Belgium

Dorien De Vidts

+32 486 954475

love you

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