January storms... year of the Queer, a new black arts movement, prefiguring a new society

peace and unconditional revolutionary love

"To Win victory, To complete an objective, But not to follow through, Is a disastrous Waste." Sun Tzu The Art of War

these are the days of victory and unfortunate loses.  "No nation has ever benefited From a protracted war" - Sun Tzu.  we are at war, we have been for centuries. it may seem hard to conceptualize considering we have been enslaved only to be "freed" then enslaved again suffering from black codes to jim crow to stop and frisk.  you can call it genocide, occupation, an epedemic a pandemic or simply war.  you can feel the pressure of the state closing in, showing his true colours.  this is when we seize the time.  from Spain's new "Gag Law" (Ley Mordaza) to Brooklyn's resistance to by mm1501" href="#">continued police repression we fight a similar enemy. so "Know your enemy, Know yourself, and victory is never in doubt, Not in a hundred battles" - Sun Tzu.  and do not be fooled, when they in act in such a manner advance.  they are showing a need for control which means more repression will follow, but these are signs of generals with no confidence and fear will lead to their destruction along with our continued action.

2014 has blessed us with the freedom of Lynne Stewart, Eddie Conway, Sekou Odinga and the 3 that remained behind enemy lines of the Cuban 5 (Gerardo, Antonio & Ramon).  we still have u.s. held political prisoners, prisoners of war if you have forgotten... Maroon, Mumia, Abdullah Majid among countless of others too many to name here as well as the pressure from New Jersey State Troopers to FBI for the capture and return of our beloved Assata Shakur. 

after returning from Europe facilitating international/intergenerational workshops; repping the Universal Zulu Nation giving hip hop history/herstory workshops to repping Cop Watch facilitating Know Your Rights Workshops to repping Scientific Soul Sessions prefiguring a new society with praxis and training our comrades abroad with a new black arts movement as well as performing, djing... I'm happy to be by mm1501" href="#">continuing the tour and sharing the experiences and knowledge, tactics, stories and techniques stateside from Jan-April 23rd (back to Europe May-June 2015).

also excited to announce a new black arts movement presents our new international hip hop project facilitating youth dialogue through the power of hip hop from NYC, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Tanzania and more TBA.                    

visit xspiritmental for package and booking email (booking@xspiritmental.com

Urban Art Beat is proud to announce that in 2015, world traveling freedom singer and revolutionary, spiritchild, will be joining our team as the Director of Partnerships, by mm1501" href="#">Programs and International Relations within our UAB International Design branch, expanding the worldview of our participants through the exchange of art, music, performance and revolutionary ideas! He will also be facilitating and building our much needed support base working with youth in prisons, detention facilities and alternative to incarceration programs as well as homeless youth throughout New York City, continuing his work and experience from Art Start.

Jan 3rd

peace and unconditional revolutionary love party people
starting tonight and throughout 2015 more collaborations with the only Eco Music Big Band in the Northeast region and probably all of u.s. bringing you that political hip hop swing funk jazz.
this marks the year of the Queer, you'll be witnessing more collaborations with this amazing Eco-Music Big Band formation featuring SpiritchildAmanda RuzzaLarry Bustamante Nabaté IslesAdamAlbert Marquès and more. conducted and led by Marie Incontrera
listen to Cal Massey and overstand, that Hey Goddamit things are changing.




every 3rd black Sunday of the month a new black arts movement provides soul sessions for the community.  all ages and nationalities come to build, share, learn, listen, create, study, engage, prefigure a new society, eat, express, and be.

Jan 18th a new black arts movement presents

Know Your Roots; Know Your Rights

celebrating revolutionary education & the power of story telling

Sunday Jan 18th 2015
330pm - 6pm
casa del soul
724 empire blvd
brooklyn ny 11213

featuring workshops
Radical Pedagogy 
Self Defense & Revolutionary Matriarchy 
Storytelling for Social Change
Know Your Rights / CopWatch

Brought to you by:
Scientific Soul Sessions, Urban Art Beat, The Next Youth Coalition 


$5 exchange
youth free
Urban Art Beat
A New Black Arts Movement
Spiritchild XspiritMental
Rosa Bettina


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