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Rise In Power Majesty

peace and unconditional revolutionary love

i don't have answers only more questions. it is hard to accept, it is difficult to believe, it is unbelievable to process. a brilliant energetic and vibrant being. a truth. a light. a gemini twin ;). a fire untamed. a comrade. fierce warrior emcee. a revolutionary that stood for what he cared for and urged others to fight. a rebel rouser. a beautiful. challenging challenger. champion of self. our friend. our voice. our leader among leaders of movements. too much and not enough to say. love, light, healing power to the family, to friends, to lovers, to enemies. we continue to love you.

from Daniel Majesty Sanchez sister
To all of Daniel's friends, fans and followers,
I am his sister.
It saddens me to report that Danny passed away in Las Vegas, on Tuesday October 4th. 
At this time we do not have much information and we are trying the process this. 
I will post more details in the future.
If you have anything you can share with me about his last days in Vegas I would appreciate the information.
Not sure how he would have wanted the news to be shared, but this is the best I can do.
I love you Danny!

indigeneity, practice 7. 7 generations before and ahead, from the ancestors to our youth. this month we are humbled and honored to have intentional dedication and appreciation for indigenous peoples throughout the world. we are also thankful to continue on our black gold blue gold tour part 2 through europa to connect with our comrades, allies and peoples from the diaspora to continue our necessary revolutionary works. thank you Dorien for keeping our international mission and vision part of the plan and strategy to mobilize and decolonize. please contact Dorien for booking and tour dates/schedule (oct 23-nov 20th)  dorien@xspiritmental.com .

the black gold blue gold album is growing along with our little one souel. an ep version will be traveling with us throughout this upcoming tour and released in the states upon our return. its a spiritual soulful revolutionary journey through sound space solutions continium. lets harvest.


Oct 11th 7pm



Hosted by Arts For Art / Vision, and part of the Evolving: Raza y Resistencia / Race & Resistance festival, the Afro Yaqui Music Collective is honored to be a part of a concert to think beyond the spectre of Columbus as we celebrate the 7th generational conciousness and activism of First peoples. Gizelxanath will be sharing the music of Toztil (Mayan) and Nahutual cultures in order to affect change here and now. With special performances by Spiritchild XspiritMental, Kento Iwasaki, Julian Litwack, Quincy Saul, Alfredo Colón, Dan Kurfirst, Samuel Okoh-Boateng, and Ben Barson.

Admission is $15.

El Taller Latino Americano

215 E 99th St, New York, New York
Oct 16th 4pm


Join & Watch as we liberate ourselves from Euro-centric oppression and unmasking false identities given to us from the people who stole our humanity.

The show will be split up into Art/HipHop/Yoga. These components helped me on my journey to learn more about myself and my culture. 

$10 donation - Youth Free, No one turned away. 

Proceeds go towards mentoring incarcerated LGBTQ youth on Rikers Island.

Medicine Show Theatre

549 W 52nd St, Fl 3rd, New York, New York 10019
October 18th 630pm



ShoutHouse is a chamber orchestra of classical, hip-hop, and jazz musicians. They strive to create a platform for talented artists from any background to express themselves on one stage. By focusing on telling a story through notes, structures, and words, they hope to achieve a new form of expression that reconnects thoughtful, powerful music with a widespread audience.

Tuesday, OCTOBER 18 at 6:30PM

CARNEGIE HILL CONCERTS at Church of the Advent Hope

111 East 87th St. (at Park Avenue)


A suggested donation $20 for adults and $10 for students and seniors will go entirely to support the sponsorship of a refugee family by series organizers.

More information:



---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                          Oct 20th 330p


it’s time to set off our monthly open soul (mic) share season! 

In honor of Mass Incarceration Awareness Month AND a tribute to October (22): International Day Against Police Brutality. We come together to STOP THE COPS! 

Join us Oct 20th 330p to x’press, x’emplify, x’spirit’ment.
all city, all youth, all arts. each month featuring mentors and youth. dj XspiritMental (soul selector spirit) on decks.

In the face of Oppression from the state, we ask, "What gets You Free!?" 

come, bring friends, bring youth, bring yourself. read a poem, something you're working on, freestyle over our beats, or bring a finished song! For the youth, by the youth! 

This month, Featuring Bed-Stuy youth from Unity Prep (thanks to the super talented Teaching Artist Jessie Davis!! 

We are hiphop culture! eliminate the hate with liberated space.

Dixon Place

161 Chrystie St, New York, New York 10002



Oct 22nd 12pm


October 22, 2016: 21st National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation

Saturday, 10/22
12:00PM assemble in front of the Harlem State Office Building at 163 W. 125th Street on the corner of Adam Clayton Powell for a rally and a march
(A/B/C/D/2/3 trains to 125th Street)

A Stolen Lives Induction Ceremony in Harlem will follow. More details TBA.

October 22nd is a day that people around the nation have mobilized every year since 1996 for a National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation. It is crucial that we bring forward a powerful National Day of Protest in cities and towns across the U.S. to challenge the ongoing violence against the people. This October 22nd, stand with thousands across the country to express our collective outrage, creativity, and resistance in response to the crimes of this system. On October 22nd, WEAR BLACK, FIGHT BACK!

JOIN US if there is already an October 22nd event in your area. CREATE one if you are in an area where there is currently no group organizing. For listings of activities in your area, check the website www.october22.org


Oct 27th 16hr Europe tour date


'The art of emcee'ing' door spiritchild
revolutionaire artiest (emcee, producer, dj) uit New York 
black gold blue gold tour 2016 pt.2

Deze workshop toont je een weg om verder te gaan dan stijl en vorm en echt als water te zijn met jouw flow, van pen tot optreden tot product. 
* Hoe kan je structuur en concepten transformeren tot een complete creatieve compositie? 
* Hoe kan je de kunst van het freestylen en vertellen van verhalen beheersen en een vakkundig optreden geven dat je volledig lichaam en het publiek betrekt? 
* Hoe kan je jouw artistieke identiteit uitbouwen en koesteren?
Voor de artiest die wil groeien in de kunst van het emcee’en door praktische, hands-on tips over het schrijven tot het brengen en het creëren van een artistieke gemeenschap. 

Meer over spiritchild: 

Als revolutionaire artiest uit the South Bronx doorheen Brooklyn, gebruikt spiritchild kunst om een culturele revolutie te cultiveren doorheen de wereld. De eclectische en experimentele fusie van ‘true school’ hip hop, funk, electronica en jazz van deze artiest blijft de grenzen doorbreken van de muziek scène. spiritchild brengt de frequencies over van J Dilla die thee drinkt met Sun Ra, schildert de silhouetten van Nina Simone en remixt El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz ook gekend als Malcolm X. Niemand deelt tijd en ruimte zonder geraakt te worden in lichaam, geest, hart en ziel.

Als solo artiest, sinds 1992 en als ritmisch dichter van de hip hop fusie band Mental Notes , sinds 1999, gebruikt spiritchild muziek om conversaties te openen en tot actie aan te zetten rond sociale en milieurechtvaardigheid. Naast het uitbrengen van verschillende solo albums en band opnames, had spiritchild de eer om samen te werken met een waaier aan artiesten van de revolutionaire ‘spoken word’ activisten The Last Poets, Amiri Baraka, grammy award genomineerde Maya Azucena, Les Nubians, The Coup, Dead Prez tot Brooklyn's Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra. 

Bijdragen tot de muzikale en sociale hartslag van jongeren is de kern van het levenswerk van deze artiest. Als programmaleider en consultant voor Art Start en Urban Art Beat, internationale pedagoog en spreker heeft spiritchild uitgebreid ervaring in het ontwikkelen en leiden van workshops en programma’s rond hip hop pedagogie, songwriting and artiestontwikkeling. Hij is tevens de bedenker van het internationale hip hop gemeenschapsprogramma ‘The c.i.p.h.e.r.’ dat erkend en ondersteund is door het ‘Erasmus+ youth in action programma’ van de Europese Commissie. 



thank you for all of your ongoing support throughout these years of xspiritmental vibrations, x'sploration, x'pressions. it is because of you we travel, it is for you we create, it is the reason we revolutionize. all works can be found at the following:

spiritchild on itunes here    mental notes on itunes here

dj sets and songs www.soundcloud.com/xspiritmental


.) stay light keep creative remain free 
(. spiritchild
freedom singer
revolutionary matriarchal maroon




I hope you found peace.

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