Gypsy Black Solidarity

what do you do when system you believe in does not believe in you and provides no haven for justice? "It seems that Slovak justice is unable to guarantee an effective access to justice even in the most prominent, unambiguous cases of cruel and inhuman treatment in our society. The courts have been unable to effectively protect citizens from serious misconduct by units of state repression such as the police, which I consider alarming." protect the youth by any means.…/slovakia-scandalous-verdict-acquits-p… 
Ivanka Mariposa Čonková Ivana Jirkova Anna Oravcova Metoděj Constantine
move with motion ‪#‎anewblackartsmovement‬ 
A New Black Arts Movement Movement in Motion UZN Chapter 9 - Noble 9 ZuluZ UZN Chapter 9- Noble 9 Zuluz

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