de Blasio is an idiot and a coward

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de Blasio is an idiot and a coward. after police turn their backs in protest twice during the eulogies delivered for the deaths of two police officers over a year ago. since, he's been catering to the biggest gang that exist in our time in new york streets with no accountability. and now you want to ensure even less accountability by providing them with "secrecy" with this Civil Rights Law 50-a, bullshit.

if you kill innocent people you deserve to have your name on blast. in fact we deserve and have a right to protest on your front lawn at your family outings, where your family works, where your children go to school providing the community with the information that their parent is a murderer (i know its quite traumatizing, imagine that...trauma). everywhere beside Union Square, 42nd and whatever locations other major district protesters use for visibility. fuck publicity. its time to make murderers uncomfortable and anyone who protects them uncomfortable. these so called politicians are supposed to be for the people, the police are for protecting property and the infrastructure/establishment. who is here to protect you/us if not for people like de Blasio, middle finger to you for real.

and the CCRB is joke. i'm not even going to comment on that major flaw on so called police accountability.
"Civilian complaints are another red flag. In New York City, they are confidential. But reports from the city's Civilian Complaint Review Board show 40 percent of the 35,000 officers on the force today have never been the subject of a citizen complaint. Another 20 percent have only one. Yet about 1,000 officers have 10 or more complaints. One has racked up 51 complaints." [source…/nypd-disciplinary-problems-linked-to-a…]

did you know about the NYPD’s Department Advocate’s Office (“DAO”) – the NYPD unit that prosecutes NYPD
disciplinary matters...(right) how about The police department’s own Internal Affairs Bureau (i hear you laughing)

and what of this one The Office of the Inspector General for the NYPD (OIG-NYPD), an independent police oversight office that is part of the Department of Investigation (DOI), was created by the New York City Council in 2013 to investigate, review, study, audit and make recommendations relating to the operations, policies, programs and practices of the NYPD. The goals of OIG-NYPD are to enhance the effectiveness of the New York City Police Department (NYPD), increase public safety, protect civil liberties and civil rights and increase the public's confidence in the police force, thus building stronger police-community relations. [source, they shit]

yeah and where's this guy, while the mayor gives unconditional support and protection for murders? "...Philip Eure became the first-ever inspector general for the NYPD, a position created in the wake of a high-profile court case over the force’s use of stop-and-frisk. The trial, which began in March 2013, galvanized public support for a city council bill that established the post." [source…/nypd-accountability_n_56306…]

don't drink the kool-aid. continue to find and define effective ways to be heard. if their response is more "measures" of accountability, they aren't hearing you. we are definitely not being heard when de Blasio pulls this stunt. we demand those records and if we don't get them, it is our duty to find ways to take them without the permission of the state. those records belong to us. the people are the judge jury and executioners if it must be so.
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