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Summer update from the xspiritmental music family.  Thank you all who attended the Legendary Blue Note for our Electric Cinnamon Album release & back from Europe Summer 2012 tour.  We truly can not thank you enough for over 13 years of supporting the vibrations.  Thank you to Christian Ver Halen, Maya Azucena, Creative Maze (Berlin), Marine Futin and numerous other creative comrades for making music, collaborations and being.  You are all an inspiration. 

A few years ago to date I released Dark Matters a double album release commemorating the sounds of black august. Reflecting on this, I was on tour connecting and traveling through Europe for that month fasting, performing, learning and sharing.

This year I'm honored to remain grounded at home with the same passion, drive and commitment.  Working with the youth at Art Start from homeless shelters to youth formerly imprisoned and currently detained at detention centers.  This year I hope to work more closely with youth in prison and youth with no affiliation with NYC's homeless shelters or prisons that could get a little something something from hip hop pedagogy. 

The xspiritmental recording family has released Electric Cinnamon by spirit ">click here for sound taste (Conceived, nurtured, mixed and mastered in Berlin. Electric Cinnamon is a 3 year journey produced by Creative Maze of Reality Check and written & performed by spiritchild of Mental Notes featuring special guest artists... Maya Azucena, Bahati Musik, Konta, Julia Amos, Kiko King, Mathieu Pe Trumpet. The project sets the mood of revolutionary sexual hip hop funk. The sound is warm and intimate allowing the listener to zone out, channel in and break free. The year of the album could time travel from the early 90's combining jazz keys upright bass grooves and J Dilla drum patterns. Its a revolutionary taking, love making body waking sensation.  Electric Cinnamon is that fire brown sugar.)

buy the album at CDBaby or purchase it on Itunes

We are also proud to announce the official release of Jen Waller's It Can Be Broken Down on xspiritmental records. She's been touring the country on her less wall more street: building solidarity to fight repression from coast to coast.  click here for more info.


time to get my fast in, discipline George Jackson, sun up to sun down exercise with passion, read with attachments ...political actions, solute political prisoners and those of past like Fred Hampton. For political education please download the MXGM packet that explains Black August. get your fast in, plan your action. (I've attached them below as PDF's, if you have trouble downloading visit MXGM packet)

few notes: not everyone can or should have to fast sun up to sun down (or 6am-8pm), exercise everyday, read political writings and essays everyday for the month of Black August. the foci is to make your pace and discipline. commit to a process and see it through. a little at a time each year goes a long way. no drinking, no smoking, no drugs etc. clarity, focus, direct energy. oh and drink plenty of water. if a fast is too much, do a fruit or liquid fast. if giving up substances is to much see a doctor (just kidding), give up 1 or 2 or at least reduce frequencies. you get the point.

freedom love & anarchy


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