a resistance grows in brooklyn…and the many worlds

peace and unconditional revolutionary love 

a resistance grows in brooklyn…and the many worlds

resistance hasn’t the privilege of rest.

she speaks through the wind. traveling at the pace of a snail with the urgency of a panther.

as disappointing as it all may appear, no matter the expectations, 

as revolutionaries we should expect but one thing - and that is to be disappointed.

this can be an uncomfortable reality however comfort breeds ignorance and naivety. comfort lulls us to an apathetic sleep or a reactionary blow. neither strong enough to nurture resistance. it is with our discomfort we challenge, ask questions, experiment with solutions. we as revolutionaries have been born to uncomfortable situations and times. 

it is not our job to make sense of stupidity. it is our position to prefigure another way. these times are senseless and cannot be justified by neither logic nor intuition, science or soul yet they can be remedied by the combination of the two.

we are gearing toward unleashing operation soul force.

this propels our strategy with the fire of disappointments.

our sessions and gatherings must be intensified as a means of defense and partaking in the offensive. we should preserve what we hold dear - our values and principles from revolutionary matriarchy, mother earth centeredness, maroon leadership, indigeneity to art equivalent to politics. 

protect them.

at the same time attacking this systemic illness that plagues our communities with sickness and dis-ease. our sessions and direct action can not only bandaid but also heal.

to heal we must bring out the witch doctors within us all. this takes practice and study. our praxis is the true testament of our power and execution. 

resistance does grow. she grows within us. she can grow with the direction and nurture of revolutionary matriarchy or the confusion of other ism’s that ask for a seat at the table or the compromise of our integrity, it is dependent upon you.

will you water your resistance with us to make this uncomfortable reality obsolete and irrelevant? will you weigh down your resistance with complaints and cripple the growth of a new? how do you share your struggle and document your legacy for the liberation of all?

we never admit to having the way, the answer, we only commit to create another way, another world. it is not only possible, it is happening. do not be disillusioned by the context of their conversation for many voices are already missing in this dialogue. we connect with the unheard voices throughout the world and we are finding our conclusions share similar solutions as we are growing to share a similar history. we are committed to our herstory of resistance. 

i am honored to grow our resistance alongside a world of truths.

i am honored to be on the side of herstory that yells Ya Basta! All Power to The People! Existence is Resistance! and the People United Will Never Be Defeated!. 

rest up, bless up. our journey is long, yet our walk colorful. 

together we paint a picture, a picture that inspires the imagination to envision a revolution from the dedication of an unorthodox and vibrant resistance. a resistance that is nurtured by unconditional revolutionary love.

may your formation remain your last name and may our legacy connect.

thank you for your heart, thank you for your soul, thank you for your continued work.

stay light, keep creative, remain free

i write this to you in the middle of our tour connecting with youth, revolutionaries and formations on the other side of the world i was born to in this lifetime. 



a new black arts movement

.) stay light keep creative remain free 

(. spiritchild 

freedom singer
revolutionary matriarchal maroon
a new black arts movement 
VP Universal Zulu Nation Bk Noble Chapter 9
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