sunlight stole the night



sunlight stole the night 
new single from soon come album black gold blue gold
happy b'earthday El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz 
the song was finalized on 4.20.2018
this song is accompanied by a video directed and edited by Olad Aden in Berlin, Germany during the beyond beats & bars tour through Europe. 
management Dorien De Vidts 
support by Karoma Tisch and Lola Brennt

an xspiritmental intergenerational dialogue to the sounds and frequency of hip hop culture vibrating for liberation from prisons.

an xspiritmental intergenerational dialogue to the sounds and frequency of hip hop culture vibrating for liberation from prisons.
the song was created through hallucinogenic walks under a glowing moon ready to give birth or swallowing a sun (son). before the birth of our youngest ría rose, our oldest souel-fénix inspired conversations of stolen nights. while walking, i was amazed at seeing actual superman figures in a second floor house room and hearing the sounds of crickets. this immediately sparked the hook that was sung with an eerie wallow . 
the verses describe the frustrations of our current work behind enemy lines in one of the largest prison colonies in the world, Rikers Island. we are currently providing hip hop workshops through Urban Art Beat for our young men 18-21 as well as doing similar workshops throughout Belgium with commusaic (both formations within the umbrella of a new black arts movement utilizing our ‘critical revolutionary hip hop pedagogy’ to best serve our young and those that work with our young). this verse touches a bit of the dialogue encountered on misogyny, toughness and defending and defining what truly matters. although never a conclusion, it circles back to not turning our backs to dialogue, not turning our backs to what we don't understand, not turning our backs to the youth.
teddy bears also echoed the windows with baby size figurines of batman superman and dark vador. 
with such poetic fantasaic illusions, how do we root our lives to the sky and sea of liberation. an abstract dilemma, a true needed fantasy.
a journey through the dark, embracing the midnight sun and receiving air.
sunlight stole the night is the first single from the album black gold blue gold. a concept of 3 years in the making since our first born and to be released on their b'earthday july 16 2018.
we are releasing this song today may 19, 2018 to commemorate El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X) for his 93rd b'earthday and continue the legacy of liberation through education, black power and black love to all beings and living elements upon this planets solar to challenge and decolonize and deconstruct systems of oppressions throughout the world, other worlds, through our time and other times.
digest devour divine

written conceived produced and reduced 
by spiritchild 
xspiritmentaleyez publishing 
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