Scientific Soul Session presents a new black arts movement: Revolutionary education = our liberation

Scientific Soul Sessions presents: 

A new black arts movement: 
Revolutionary education = our liberation

Sunday, 15th of February, 2015
14:00 Welcome
Start at 14:15 until 16:30 @ location in the center of Brussels.
€ 10 donation/ pay what you can give, no one will be turned away. 

Scientific Soul Sessions is a collective of revolutionary artists, musicians, organizers, scientists & maroons that prefigure a new society, founded in New York City. In 2014 a sister wing was created in Belgium. Every two months we welcome people to our soul sessions. Our sessions are liberated spaces combining arts and politics to create a soul-changing experience for all ages, focused on community and creativity. 

During this soul session we will look into a new way of learning and why and how revolutionary education equals our liberation. Through storytelling, video footage, dialogue and creativity we will address the following questions: 
* Where does the educational system stem from and what is its purpose? 
* What is revolutionary education?
* Which parts of history are not being taught and why? 

A very special thanks to graphic designer Naomi Amma Kwaakoa Quarteyfor our thought provoking/poking visual. 

After our soul session, we kindly invite you to join us at 17:00 for the performance of poet, performer, and educator Aja Monet, from Brooklyn, NYC, USA, hosted by Belgian Renaissance and Congolisation at Pianofabriek.

Looking forward to welcoming you!
For more information, please contact Dorien De Vidts at and check out

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