A new black arts movement presents: panthers, maroons, warriors oh my

artwork by Ziedah Diata of a new black arts movement

a new black arts movement presents:
panthers, maroons, warriors oh my 

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Sunday April 12th 2015

3pm - 6pm
casa del soul
724 empire blvd
brooklyn ny 11213

Mama C Charlotte Hill O'Neal
Jendog Lonewolf & Catalyst YaliniDream
Ngoma Hill
Ziedah Diata

film screening of 
Mama C: Urban Warrior in the African Bush 
The film explores Mama C’s decade’s long project of coming to terms with who she is—an African American raised in Kansas City, KS, the “jazz-capital of the world,” who has lived most of her life in Africa, the place from where her ancestors were forced to make the “middle-passage.” When she first arrived in Tanzania she tried as hard as she could to “fit in,” wearing khangas, carrying my babies on my back, basket on my head, chewing sugar cane sticks.” As she writes in one of her published poems, “In my freshly-landed, just-got-off-the-boat enthusiasm of living in Africa, I tried to blend, to melt, homogenize, disappear, erase, the essence of what made me who I am, an African, who grew up in and was molded by the ‘hoods’ of America, and I almost lost myself, self.”

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